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What our students say..

Python Engineer

Okosun Micheal

My Python learning journey has been transformative, providing profound insights into its capabilities and versatility. Initially daunting, this program has demystified Python's complexity, enabling me to master it with confidence.

Python Engineer

Barakat Akinsiku

It's been very engaging. The project phase helped me pick up skills that I didn't have or brush up those that I had very limited knowledge of such as using git and version control. Overall, the whole experience was lovely

Python Engineer

Favour Iheme

My learning experience was smooth, impactful, and valuable. The lessons were easy to understand and focused on real-life situations. This made my project phase fun and easy to collaborate with other programmers.

Cloud Engineer

Muhammad Abdulazeez

I had a collaborative experience with my colleagues on the given tasks. As a team, we brainstormed on the best approach to the problems and leveraged our collective understanding to tackle challenges we had.

DevOps Engineer

Juliet Ebili

I meticulously organize my day and eagerly anticipate our meeting days. This collaboration has significantly improved my proficiency, particularly with Github. It has encouraged me to seek assistance whenever I encounter obstacles—I'm already excited for our next project.

DevOps Engineer

Agana Edwin Uji

The project has been really engaging and educative. I really learned a lot from the project most especially collaborative skills by working as a team.

Cloud Engineer

Olanrewaju Abdulbasit Gbolahan

It was a really amazing experience, with the program embracing collaboration and exploring lot of new knowledge and tools I mean, it was quite challenging but it was an experience that's really worth giving it a try.

Python Engineer

Masereka Robert

It has really been so productive. I really appreciate betakopa